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Coach, But Don't Forget to Play – How to Compete in the Staffing Industry

Season 1, Ep. 16

Coach, But Don't Forget to Play – How to Compete in the Staffing Industry

This week’s episode welcomes Marcus Sawyerr, CEO of YOSS - a cloud-based talent platform connecting high-demand skills with flexible global opportunities. YOSS originated from an R&D lab within The Adecco Group. Marcus, a staffing industry veteran, is responsible for creating and leading the digital agenda for one of the largest HR solutions providers in the world.

Driven by his passion for making a positive impact in the lives of others and helping people reach their highest potential, Marcus is committed to making YOSS the most trusted destination for the talent economy. He joins us for a conversation about his career journey, the staffing industry’s digital transformation, the impact of AI and automation, plus his thoughts on the convergence of staffing resources.

Questions I ask:

  • What key lessons did Marcus learn from being an athlete?
  • What was the market like when Marcus started at Adecco?
  • What was the problem YOSS wanted to solve for the staffing industry?
  • How does Marcus view the convergence of online talent platforms, marketplaces, and software?
  • How does Marcus think about automation and AI as it relates to improving the experience for companies and talent?

In this episode, you will learn:

  • About the importance of being a “player-coach.”
  • About YOSS and how it provides value to Adecco Group.
  • About the importance of having Relevant, Interested, and Verified (R.I.V.) talent.
  • The benefits and challenges of remote work in an international organization.
  • The importance of properly ingesting, structuring, and leveraging data in the talent space.

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