The Talent Economy Podcast


Leveraging Blockchain in the Hiring Process

Season 1, Ep. 39

As the nature of work continues to evolve, more platforms spring up in an effort to tackle the pain points of staffing, for both the talent and the organization. Easing friction in the hiring process is paramount, and Vivek Anand, the founder of Workonomix, has a unique vision for doing so. Anchored in blockchain technology, Workonomix is a verified, portable worker passport that reduces friction delays in the hiring process. Vivek believes that a single, trustable professional identity owned by the talent is fundamental to the future of work, and he founded Workonomix for that reason: “to ease the life of a worker and accelerate the hiring process for the employers.”

Paul and Vivek discuss the inconsistencies in various talent profiles, the challenges posed for talent who work through multiple platforms, the benefits of blockchain technology, and Workonomix’s mission to ensure that organizations are able to hire the right person tomorrow.

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