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Leveraging Blockchain in the Hiring Process

Season 1, Ep. 39

As the nature of work continues to evolve, more platforms spring up in an effort to tackle the pain points of staffing, for both the talent and the organization. Easing friction in the hiring process is paramount, and Vivek Anand, the founder of Workonomix, has a unique vision for doing so. Anchored in blockchain technology, Workonomix is a verified, portable worker passport that reduces friction delays in the hiring process. Vivek believes that a single, trustable professional identity owned by the talent is fundamental to the future of work, and he founded Workonomix for that reason: “to ease the life of a worker and accelerate the hiring process for the employers.”

Paul and Vivek discuss the inconsistencies in various talent profiles, the challenges posed for talent who work through multiple platforms, the benefits of blockchain technology, and Workonomix’s mission to ensure that organizations are able to hire the right person tomorrow.

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How to Navigate Digital Transformation? Start with Education

Season 1, Ep. 45
How would you define the digital transformation of the workplace? Prior to the pandemic, many had begun incorporating some remote work into their schedules, and virtual meeting platforms were helping to keep distributed teams connected; cut to the present day, the transformation has been accelerated, and these practices have become daily standards. Today’s guest, Dr. Amy Loomis, describes digital transformation as “the intersection of technology and organization - a cultural change that is reshaping how location is approached in the workforce.”Dr. Loomis is research director for IDC’s worldwide Future of Work market research service. Her research looks at how varying technologies influence workers' skills and behaviors, organizational culture, and worker experience, and how the workspace itself enables the future enterprise. Prior to IDC, she spent 15 years at IBM and was the co-founder of IBM’s Think Academy, a global digital learning platform and program designed to engage employees and partners in learning about emerging technologies and digital transformation.In addition, Dr. Loomis is an independent analyst and founder of Loomis Digital Learning, consulting with a range of clients from Fortune 100 organizations to startups on digital transformation, learning, and employee engagement. She speaks candidly with Paul about the importance of education and how organizations can best navigate the accelerated transformation during the pandemic, offers insight on how leaders can effectively shift their operations while keeping their teams empowered and connected to their work, and provides examples of companies that are successfully leading the [email protected]