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Freelancers Make the Impossible, Possible

Season 1, Ep. 11

The Talent Economy and the Benefits of Hiring Freelancers

Technology is moving faster than it ever has before—and as slow as it ever will again.

Technology makes productivity essentially limitless. The ability to access global talent and hire skilled freelancers means that there are no restrictions around what work can get done, and when.

In this episode, I talk with Cara Bedford, director of marketing at CompuVision, who is also the managing editor of Disruption Magazine and the product owner of Taskify. With all of this on her plate, Cara manages hundreds of projects at a time—all of which are successfully completed through the help of freelancers.

Over the last few years, Cara unwillingly shifted away from working with agencies to hiring freelancers, which ended up being the best change she could imagine. In our conversation, Cara shares her early experiences with the talent economy, how to hire a freelancer, and what lessons she’s learned through trial and error. Cara also offers advice about key characteristics to look for to find the best freelancer available.

Get ready to learn from Cara about the benefits of hiring freelancers and her best practices in finding the best talent for the job.

Some questions I ask:

  • How did you get started in marketing?
  • What did you learn from working with a freelancer who failed to meet expectations?
  • Why isn’t bidding for work the best practice?

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why Cara will always choose to hire on-demand experts instead of local agencies.
  • About Cara’s early experiences working with freelancers.
  • How to find and hire freelancers for your company.
  • What to expect when hiring your first freelancer.
  • How freelancers function like mini-agencies.
  • What qualities to look for in a freelancer.

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