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Distributed Work Can Be a Competitive Advantage

Season 1, Ep. 34

The best products are those built to address and solve a problem. Amir Salihefendić did just that in his college dorm 13 years ago. He built a simple task management app to help him stay organized. That app would eventually become Todoist, one of the world’s most popular to-do list apps with nearly 25 million users.

Amir, now the founder and CEO of Doist, leads a fully distributed team of more than 70 people located in 30 countries. Doist went on to address its own challenges with productivity and collaboration with the launch of Twist, an asynchronous communication platform that offers a calmer and more organized user experience.

Amir credits the “remote-first” movement and his ability to hire the most talented team members—no matter where they live—as the secret to success.

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