The Talent Economy Podcast


Creating Culture and Collaboration in the Virtual Workplace

Season 1, Ep. 41

As more teams are settling into their remote work experiences, a number of challenges have surfaced: prolonged workdays, increased time spent in meetings, feelings of loneliness among employees, and frustration from managers struggling to effectively manage their distributed teams.

In this episode, Paul is joined by Shiran Yaroslavsky, the CEO and founder of Cassiopeia, a startup that empowers managers who lead fully or partially remote teams to maximize their workplace experience through data. Cassiopeia offers a solution that delivers actionable insights to help boost team collaboration, belonging, and mental health by analyzing communication patterns within and between teams. A former product manager, Shiran was featured in 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 in Israel.

Shiran and Paul discuss how Cassiopeia is utilizing data to help teams better navigate how they work and how they want to work. She also shares her professional journey from intellectual property litigation to tech CEO, a transition inspired by Shiran’s desire to connect directly with people and wanting to pivot ”from advising to creating.”

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