The Talent Economy Podcast


Bringing an Open-Talent Mindset to HR

Season 1, Ep. 42

When you think about a talent company, what roles come to mind? More than likely it’s a project manager, software developer, or copywriter. Have you ever thought about remote HR freelancers?

Today, Paul is joined by Emma El-Karout, founder and managing director of One Circle, an online platform connecting businesses with on-demand, freelance HR experts from around the world. One Circle provides businesses with access to quality HR consultants that can support the full employee lifecycle, providing organizations with transparent reviews, track records, and a secure payment ecosystem.

Paul and Emma discuss the events of her childhood that inspired her work and world outlook, the disruption of the traditional HR role, and how One Circle is empowering HR leaders to take their rightful place in the talent economy while providing in-house HR teams with an infusion of innovation, creativity, and knowledge sharing.


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